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                                                                      BY CHERYL C. HELYNCK


Reflections is a new collection of work.  Very revealing of my inner thoughts.  Through the years I have stopped and put down in writing some of the thoughts, feelings and emotions I have felt.  My first serious attempt at writing for my own enjoyment, reflects my love of my dogs and is also a collection of short writings entitled, Dogs Speak Out!!!!.  It is a lighter and more humorous insight of my experiences with my Samoyeds.  Giving voice to my canine friends, writing about their lives from their prospective.  It is also located on this web site for those who might like read it.  Friends and relatives have suggested many times that I write a book about my life, as it has been filled with what seems like more than a lifetime of experiences and the final chapters have yet to unfold and be known.  One day I might find the courage to relive these and put this down for others to read but for now I am content to take a thought, a moment in time and write what I felt about it.   Reflections and Dogs Speak Out!!!! are both works in progress, the progress being seen as a new thought comes forth from my mind and I find words to express it.  Look for new additions in the future to both.


Who is Cheryl?  I am a 47 year old, single parent, born in Quebec and have lived in Alberta, Canada for 29 years.  I have a son, Trevor 22, and a daughter, Tracy 20.  My work has been in many fields from education, medical, legal and engineering to give some of the highlights.  I presently own one of the leading Samoyed breeding kennels in Canada, and run two other businesses, an office service, and a web design and hosting company.  So why do I write?  I feel the need to express myself.  Being very creative by nature, I have done many things that exemplify my need to be original.  I am a true Aquarius, often walking to the beat of my own drum, a rebel in many ways, stretching ahead of the norm in my thinking at times.   Reflecting back to a college Dean, my superior, where I worked several years ago.   We locked horns and she told me I could not write, in her opinion.  It has not stopped me from writing or having some of my work published in national magazines.   The quality might not be what she was used to, or perhaps it has improved greatly since she made that comment.  Regardless, I write for myself, and in doing so I hope others will enjoy it, finding meaning or humor in my words and work.

I dedicate Reflections to Dale De Camp, a truly wonderful woman, that I am honored to call my friend.  We met on the internet and she has been my continual support in my efforts to write.  We have shared many of our own life experiences in the time we have known each other.  She is the little sister I never had and is insistent that I continue my endeavors to write.


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cy_diam.gif (938 bytes)I Cried  A Tear  cy_diam.gif (938 bytes) A Butterfly cy_diam.gif (938 bytes) Comme Un Papillon (En Francais

 version A Butterfly) cy_diam.gif (938 bytes)Somewhere Out There

cy_diam.gif (938 bytes)The Heart That Finally Healed  cy_diam.gif (938 bytes)Lonely Journey

cy_diam.gif (938 bytes)A New Day Dawningcy_diam.gif (938 bytes)Never Be Afraid To Say I Love You

cy_diam.gif (938 bytes)Think Of Me cy_diam.gif (938 bytes) When Life Is Done cy_diam.gif (938 bytes)Love Waits For Me

cy_diam.gif (938 bytes)Come And Take My Hand cy_diam.gif (938 bytes) Know Me cy_diam.gif (938 bytes)Dance With Life

cy_diam.gif (938 bytes)Dare To Be Differentcy_diam.gif (938 bytes)My Gift Of Rosescy_diam.gif (938 bytes)In Our Dreams

cy_diam.gif (938 bytes) In Onze Dromen (Nederlandstalige Versie In Our Dreams)

cy_diam.gif (938 bytes) Through Your Eyes cy_diam.gif (938 bytes) Now And Forever cy_diam.gif (938 bytes)Endless Love

cy_diam.gif (938 bytes) The Seas Of Life cy_diam.gif (938 bytes) Dark Side cy_diam.gif (938 bytes) Come Play With Me

cy_diam.gif (938 bytes) For The Children cy_diam.gif (938 bytes) Mystic Sojourn  cy_diam.gif (938 bytes) Weary Soul

cy_diam.gif (938 bytes) Gift Of Dreams  cy_diam.gif (938 bytes)  Sky Parties   cy_diam.gif (938 bytes)  Call Me Deer  

cy_diam.gif (938 bytes) Our Tomorrows   cy_diam.gif (938 bytes)  Sea Mistress   cy_diam.gif (938 bytes)  Bridges Of Life

 cy_diam.gif (938 bytes) Rocky Romance  cy_diam.gif (938 bytes) Day Is Done  cy_diam.gif (938 bytes)  Bear Fascination

cy_diam.gif (938 bytes)  Remembering The Fifties cy_diam.gif (938 bytes) Decade Of War And Peace

cy_diam.gif (938 bytes)This Is Who I Am cy_diam.gif (938 bytes)Before You Sleepcy_diam.gif (938 bytes)Maiden In Distress

cy_diam.gif (938 bytes)What Will Be Will Be cy_diam.gif (938 bytes)Till Death Do Us Part cy_diam.gif (938 bytes)Golden Years

cy_diam.gif (938 bytes) The Lady Comes cy_diam.gif (938 bytes) Life Mate's Promise cy_diam.gif (938 bytes)Promise Never Give Up

cy_diam.gif (938 bytes)Moment Of Peace

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