In Our Dreams

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Close your eyes and bring me into your dreams.  Let the distance disappear so you hold and feel me in your arms.

Resting my head on your chest, listening to your heart beat.  Running my fingers through your hair softly as I caress your lips.

Draw me out of the ocean that divides us into your sleep.  Free me to share your love as you  look into my eyes blue as a summer sky.

Tell me again of your love, how you give it to me freely.  Touch me with your words as well as your body until I am one with you.

As my eyes close in sleep I hear your laughter and I smile.   Your teasing words come back to me as I relax into the darkness of my mind.

I see your eyes with warmth and desire as I float in space and time to be with you.  Molding my body to yours once more.

Easing back into the day I leave your arms again recalling your closeness in total clarity,  feeling renewed in my love for you.

Knowing it was just a dream, but a dream we share.  Bringing the reality of our love into our dreams of when we will be together.

                              Cheryl C. Helynck


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