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    My lips do speak the words and not for want or order can they be

  withdrawn.   Like pebbles cast into the waters they are absorbed making

  only ripples on the sea of man.  My simple words of value to some it is

  said, to others it is my meager two cents of contribution. I speak what is

  lingering in my heart, or that which lays heavy on my mind.  I voice

  what might be hidden in the soul of more than just this mere mortal.     

  The words may seem to be drawn from the inner spirit of the those

  that read them.  Brought into the light for all to see and ponder for

  self examination.  Least I waste them all at once I invite you to see the

  significance for yourself. 

  Cheryl C. Helynck


      The Spirit Within

   Dance Of The Unicorns

   Two Hearts Speak

   An Eternal Love

   Following The Light

   It Is All I Ask


   Guide Me Home

   Earth's Heartbeat

   Don't You Think It's Time?

   Little Cowboys and Indians

   Then There You Were

   Through My Eyes

   Wood Nymph Creed



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