Endless Love

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You were my very special companion. The moment we first met a journey of destiny began based on unconditional love.

So many miles and years we traveled together. Sharing our love for each other.  So few will ever understand our relationship.

Your eyes told me so much my dear old friend, you knew all my secrets.  Never revealing nor condemning me for any of them.

We were forever close and I see you now every where I turn.  A promise to journey on will be kept as nothing will keep us apart.

Two hearts so inclined towards each other do not separate when bound.  Ours is an endless love that will exist throughout time.

Forever I hold your memory in my heart and there your heart beats once more against mine. Joined in spirit to travel through eternity.    

At peace now with the way we now journey on.  Knowing you are still with me, feeling your presence is the sanity that grants acceptance.

Time heals when you want to forget and move on.   Forgetting is impossible, not even desired.  Remembering is what draws you closer.

Our journey is beginning again having reached a fork in the road.  Leaving what is familiar behind to venture forth into new realm.

Days are numbered here on a calendar, and never are there many before this part of our existence moves onward.

A promise made, a trust in each other and our endless love keeps us always together.  It makes the link that can not be broken between us.

                        Cheryl C. Helynck


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