The Seas Of Life

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The seas draw me to them and I feel myself become one with the water.  It takes me a willing captive into its cold depths.

A part of me begins to breath as it can not do when I am not one with the oceans.  The waters caress and soothe my soul.

It is here that life begins and travels to every part of our universe.  The circle always constant as the tides rush in flushing the shores.

Rivers and lakes all hurrying the waters back to the seas.   They flow over rocks and past our banks to return to the oceans.

The water that makes up so much of my body is drawn too, feeling the need to be again with the seas, it churns in me.

These waters of life that we need to replenish our thirsty souls.   Like walking urns we move through life always refilled by the seas.

It is made up of the most essential elements to life, both air and water.  My body craves it and is drawn to its beauty.

The sea, taking me away with it.  Moving constantly to its own graceful dance, never motionless for it must return to the oceans.

Rushing always through the paths it has created.  Ever moving yet to watch the waters is the most calming affect for me.

Drawn to the waters of the seas, carrying me in spirit on its journey.  I let it pass by me and feel a part of me yearning for the sea.

Even an unborn child floats in the fluids of life that cushion and comforts it until it is brought forth in a rush of waters.

The waters talk to me with their crashing waves that roar and deafen me to any other sounds around me.

Their surging waters will not be contained as they cascade down the rocks and mountains through the plains back to the sea.

The voice inside of me cries to journey with these waters.    Wanting to be a part of the excitement it creates on its journey.

The waves hold me in a trance, hypnotized and the waters in my body move within the vessel of my soul.

Crying out to be gathered into the ever waiting arms of the ocean.   It screams, straining to be taken and held once more by the sea.

                          Cheryl C. Helynck


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