Gift Of Dreams


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Once upon a time in a land far away there was a young child.  She could close her eyes and envision magic spells, fairy godmothers, wicked step-mothers, witches and magical creatures.  Stories told to her could bring to life the most mystical beings, in her mind.  They became an escape to another world.  Sitting one moment on a swing and in a flash transported to a world of her own creation.

I was that child, but no different than any other.  It was the age of innocence, a time to dream.  Make believe and fantasy became our reality as we played at being the characters in our mind.

Ever wonder what happened to this mind that could conjure up mystical beings?  Look into the face of a small child as you read and weave the tale of a sleeping princess who is awakened by a kiss.  We pass on the dreams to our children. 

Somewhere after we enter elementary school and near puberty, there is a rude awakening.  The magic disappears and we find a prince or princess has acne and is not in love with us.  We learn about the laws of gravity and realize Peter Pan never wore a cast on his arm for six weeks because of his attempt to fly.

Our daydreams do not end however, they continue to be pleasant escapes from the reality of life.  In fact a healing, soothing place to retreat, when the mind boggles with overwhelming problems and stress.

These trips into our minds symbolize hopes and wishes.  The vast extent to which some minds have wandered has also sometimes lead to reality.  When I was a child, Neil Armstrong's walk on the moon would have been a fantasy, but a team of scientists at NASA made it an actual fact of history.

Just when I thought the fairy dust had disappeared I was given a magic mouse.  It enables me to travel to places and be with people that is just as magical as Cinderella's  pumpkin coach.  Finding wizards abound in space with amazing powers.  Giving me back the gift of dreams and more important the ability to share them.

May your connection be stable, your memory sufficient and your family understanding of your need to dream.

                         Cheryl C. Helynck


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