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In creating the work Reflections I have searched the net and had others supply me with some of the images, graphics and backgrounds that I felt added to my writings.   They have come from a hundreds of locations many of which I will never be able to acknowledge.  I can only offer my thanks to all those that have added to the value of the internet with their art and photography.  If I have used an image that originated from your site please contact me and I will gladly add you to the list of credits.


bann.jpg (17374 bytes) Jonathon Earl Browser

The art work of this Canadian artist is one of the most outstanding and inspiring that I have ever seen.  A truly remarkable collection of original work that is a venture into the mystic and beauty of women and nature as seen through this his eyes and captured in his paintings.


c0000098.jpg (6301 bytes)  Eric VanRaemdonck

This artist has recreated beautiful images of wildlife, marine wildlife and celestial landscapes.  The medium that he uses is rich and provides so much beauty to his subjects.  Viewing his work is truly and experience in art appreciation.

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This photographer has a huge selection of photos that he has taken that truly has captured the very best of nature's waterfalls and flowers.  Images that he has enabled others to see through his skilled photography.

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This artist has done Native American, wildlife, human interest, western and fantasy paintings.  She has a unique mystic presentation that adds to the beauty of her work.

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