Come And Take My Hand

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Come and take my hand.  Come along with me.  Let me show you all the love I have for you.

Trust in me.  Walking neither ahead of you nor behind but always close to your side.

Feel the power of my love, radiating out over you.  Extending its strength that is constant and new.

My love is freely given, absent of all conditions.  It is a part of me I offer repeatedly like the incoming tide.

Come and take my hand.  Stand close to me.  Let this unison of love make us both stronger.

I implore you to listen to my words, feel the truth.  Hear them not with your ears but your heart.

Feel the warmth of my love surrounding all of  you.  Walking as one but alone no longer.

Standing together side by side. Filling in the void in both of us that was once a empty part.

A mental understanding and knowing of what you are.  Accepting all of you with no reserve.

Come and take my hand.  Stand by me share this love till eternity.  Do it for me.  Do it for you. 

Giving you the love that I have held inside for so long.  Releasing the feelings I have before I lose my nerve.

Slide your hand in mine.  Hold it tight.  Closing  your fingers firmly round mine too.

Every day as you watch the sunset, think of me.  Send your sun on its way to light my day.

In return when I wake and the rays of sun warm my face, I will forget the darkness.  Thinking of my love for you.

Finding time to be together so we can share our dreams with one another.  Always finding there is a way.

Come and take my hand, stand with me. Share this love I offer up which is honest and true.

Feel the power surging into you.   The force of this love encompassing and becoming a part of you.

Come and take my hand.  Stand with me.  Share the love that is all of me.  Feeling the energy flow between us.

Come and take my hand.  Hold me close. Love me with the gladness of your heart and never let us part.

Come and take my hand.  Care for my love that is yours.   Let it fill your body and soul with a tidal rush.

Come and take my hand.  I will never leave you for you are the caretaker now of my heart.

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                    Cheryl C. Helynck


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