When Life Is Done

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When life is done and I am one with all that has ever been before.  Let my spirit fly into the sky and leave this world behind forever more.

When life is done give me the answers to the questions I have sought.   Free my soul of all the pain and let the joy remain to fuel my flight.

When life is done let me travel through   space free of all the cares that have bound me for so long.  Let my soul be free and let it carry me to the unknown.

When life is done let me fly light, shedding the burdens of this world.   Carrying only the love that I have shared and treasured through this life.

When life is done let the tears never again come to my eyes.  Let the memory of harsh words that have hurt, die along with me.

When life is done may those left behind   feel my soul take flight and take comfort.  Knowing I will bide by them day and night.

When life is done may a new dawn break brilliant announcing my departure from this world to all that care to see and have heard my words.

When life is done may one new star in the heavens shine down to light the darkest night and companion the glow of the moonlight.

When life is done a new task begins.  I know not what but in my heart I feel that my soul is destined to soar as it has not here on earth.

When life is done I will not miss this place, only those who have shown me love in these passing years.  Ones that did not judge my life's song.

When life is done it does not matter if I am recalled.  Never will it again be an issue of what I am or should be or that I ever was.

When life if done I will take my place in the space that I know is waiting for me.  All my life I have known that this was just a trial that I had to face.

When life is done as sure as there is a breeze that will blow the dust of my remains into the sky, I know that I will soar forever more.

When life is done it will be the freedom I have sought where I constantly felt bond to this earth.  Waiting only for the day of my release.

When life is done rejoice for me, knowing my time has been served.  Who knows why I ever was but surely if you recall my presence it served some purpose.

When life is done a new word will enter my soul, one never heard before.  A word I will know that will signify the transition of my spirit into space.

When life is done with grace of flight I say good bye to all that remains.  Bid me fare thee well and do not cling to what was once me.

                   Cheryl C. Helynck


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