Sky Parties


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I look up into the heavens and I see the skies ever changing.  Never the same picture, as the colors of the sky flow through many hues in the spectrum.  Clouds transform themselves and alter the image before me.

The sky is like a woman sometimes, so beautiful and I drawn to admire her.  Seeing her dressing up for special occasions.  I look up and know there must be a party that is going on in the heavens.  The sky has changed into something especially fantastic for the occasion.

At times there is the heralding of the party, reminiscent of the parades that preceded the pharaohs or the roman emperors.  The thundering drums in the sky announcing the light display moving slowly forward. 

As if many thousands were attending these parties, the ground will tremble.  The lightening in an awesome display shatters the skies. Lighting up the world below, holding me spellbound not wanting to miss a moment of it.

Often after this procession passes over head the skies pack with clouds.  Filling in behind like a curtain coming down after a theatre performance.  Allowing me to absorb the feelings and emotions this display has stirred in me.

The sky never disappoints me, always there for me when I look up.  She shows me her mood, sometimes she manages to succeed in changing my own mind.  Her dark look can sometimes remind me to hurry my pace.   Other times she tells me to stop and let her grace fill me with the joy of living.

                         Cheryl C. Helynck


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