Know Me

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Come into my soul, learn who I am before you judge me. Try to understand me, I am not from a mold.  Looking at life differently does not make me wrong nor right, just me.

I refuse to be less than realistic about who I am and what I feel.  When you lie to yourself the dishonestly rots your soul. I know I am a minor speck in the universal picture.

Material possessions hold little worth.  Family and friends I hold in high esteem.  Giving them the gift of myself is the best I can offer them and trust that its value is not weighed.

Hopes and dreams, I have had my share but I am not blinded into believing that the act of wishing makes things come true, tarnished by the theft of so many to now believe.

Hurt and scarred through the years but not bitter.  Resentful of the battle to maintain a virgin love of the simple things I enjoy, peace, serenity and the beauty of nature.

Never intending to hurt or be cruel.  Hating to argue, always trying to be the peacemaker.  Resolving rather than instigating.  Giving what I can but feeling stifled by society.

Tired of the world as it has become.  Humanity has left the human race.  Only traces of it left regardless of the beliefs that we care for one another.

Rules and regulations have never mattered much to me.  I try to live as free of them as I can.  Much of what guides our nations does not benefit the whole but the minority.

How can the nations of people take the focus from the problems of the world, peace, starvation and pollution and continue if greed is the base of their governments?

Can not one soul in this world just try to exist in harmony with the rest?   I fear not, as society has robbed us of the focus and luxury of caring into merely surviving.

I feel I have outlived the times of my values.  Gone are the days where a hand is extended without the expectation of something in return and when it occurs it is news worthy.

I have no use for token words uttered by many when the word does not become action.  Laughter has seen me through many trials, but not at the expense of others.

More and more it becomes harder to smile at life, retreating from the lack of compassion and caring.  Starving from the lack of nourishment from mankind.

Fears that the worse has yet to be seen in the deteriozation of man.  We do not exist independent of one another, our paths may never cross but if they did would you care?

Would you take the time to know me?  Offer the same consideration that you want for yourself?  Before you may know me you must honestly know yourself.

                                Cheryl C. Helynck


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