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Only three small words, I Love You.  Only one syllable each.  Not hard to remember, nor difficult to pronounce.  

Yet to some it is the hardest thing to admit and recognize.  Seldom used and often withheld when the words would mean so much to someone else.

Love is an emotion,  you can not clearly define it for someone that has never known love.  You can show love however, demonstrate the power of love.

One can experience love in the giving and the receiving of it.  Costing nothing, but the value of love is worth more than all the treasures in the world.

It does not matter the language used to express it, je t'aime, ik hou van je.   The feelings are the same regardless of nationality or color.

Nothing is held in such high regard.  Songs sung about finding and losing love.  Books by the hundreds of thousands and writings of all the great authors.

There are many forms of love and for different things not just love of another.  However the love a person gives can bring such strength and hope.

Never be afraid to say I Love you, these words carry a part of your very being to someone.  Sharing yourself, caring about someone more than you do yourself.

How do I live without you?  Feelings so strong, so intense that life depends upon it, love becomes essential to existence.

Like the seabrease it can drift softly over the soul, and bringing with it feelings that  fills the heart with passion and excitement.

Love can grow stronger if it is cared for.   Love is like a living thing, it can bloom and grow and it can also die.  Love must be nurtured.

So why is love withheld? It is such a personal gift the fear is always that even though we have love to offer it may not be accepted or wanted.

It is a part of our being and rejection is a huge road block to these words being uttered.  Anxiety that the love felt is not desired or appreciated.

The alternatives are worse however, to feel love, want to share it, and withhold love.  This often does more damage than taking the chance and offering it.

"I Love You", these words should never feel threatening.  One can be loved in many ways and for several reasons.

These words are meant to say your presence gives me joy.  My world is better for knowing you.  Life has more meaning since I found you and much more.

Love can be given to many, and shared differently.  Still it has meaning and can bring such happiness to the person receiving it.

To the many people that I love and those especially dear to me let me reconfirm my feelings to you.  I love you always and forever.

                           Cheryl C. Helynck


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