Love Waits For Me

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Far far away love waits for me down by the ocean he waits patiently.

Knowing in his heart that what is meant to be will be.

Where two people find one another is amazing to see.

One hand stretches out and touches another and from it love grows.

No one has to decide if it is truly love the heart just knows.

His words carry the conviction of all his caring and his love shows.

There are no rules nor regulations to guide our heart.

No way to explain how I long to see him when we are apart.

His love drawing me closer finding the part of me that holds his mark.

No way of telling those of the love and passion we share.

Only giving to each other all we are with such devoted care.

Taking moments we are allowed and nurturing the love we dare.

Far far away love waits for me longing for the day we can be one.

Till then my heart plays over the melody that his love has sung.

Ever a part of his life a shadow in the dark to him my love runs.

He knows what love that should be, from the first I knew his love was true.

Never doubting, always firm and honest, my support whenever I am blue.

His encircling love shelters me, this journey together guiding me through.

Had we never met, had we never cared, had we never had this love to share.

Would another love meant as much as this one, there is no way to compare.

He does not look at life exactly as I do, but enough that our loves does not tare.

His love is broad and powerful, and encompasses all that is me.

Standing tall and straight, the roots of his beliefs go as deep as a tree.

Values that somehow allow him to still accept all that I am, and wait by the sea.

     Cheryl Christina Mizener Helynck


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