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Somewhere Out There

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My mind drifts through the universe, it knows no boundaries nor limits.  There is no country it has not visited.

It has been to the future, and the past.  My mind travelling faster than the speed of light.

Silently it moves wherever it chooses. Never interfering, disrupting or disturbing as it passes through space.

I have relived my life, conversations, and events.  Reviewed the positives and corrected the negatives.

My mind has planned the future in exact details.  Some things I have accomplished others still waiting.anistar.gif (6671 bytes)

Drifting thoughts, experiencing the passions of great lovers, ending  wars, turning poverty into non existence.

Possessing the skills and knowledge to cure all the diseases.  Excesses turned   into moderation and living in Utopia.

My mind enters my soul searching for answers. Who am I ? Why am I here? Where am I going?

Entering the black hole in space called the soul. Never knowing what I will find or if I can return.

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Opening my soul I never come back unchanged.  The trip can be rewarding or terrorizing.

Finding things sometimes I did not want to see or accept.  Real truths, delusions uncovered.

Unlike the travels in the dreamlike sense these ventures are not entered into lightly.

The honesty that comes out of these trips alters my life.  Never again being able to delude myself.

Opening the soul, reading it,  judging it and learning to accept what I find once it is revealed.

Of all my travels, this is the most mysterious, and the closest to my interests.. for it is the real me I see.

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Cheryl C. Helynck


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