Dance With Life

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Listen to the symphony of nature.  Look at the beauty of the smallest creatures.  Life the way it has been for millions of years.

Not the concrete and skyscrapers, but majestic mountains that have withstood the winds and rains with no refurbishing.

Listen to the song of the wind it sings in gentle melodies and howls in eerie agony.  It touches you and skims across your skin.

Feel the tears from the sky on your face, watch lightening streak across the heavens and thunder shake the ground beneath your feet.

Hear the water in the tiny brook, it giggles and chatters it's bubbling way as tender for-get-me-nots line its bank.

Feel the softness of moss, wiggle your toes in the blades of grass.  Do not close your eyes to the beauty of all that surrounds you.

When a traffic light holds more of your attention than the changing images of the  clouds in a azure blue sky much of life is lost.

Watch a rainbow form after a storm, or the dance of the northern lights across the night sky dancing and changing colors and shapes.

Dance with life, listen to its song, join in the celebration of the smallest creatures joy in living.  See how simple existance should be.

Lean your neck back and follow the height of a tree that touches the sky.  Stand under the boughs of a tree and let them encircle you.

Let your mind take flight with the soaring bird. Protect our wildlife, the ocean whales to the snowy owls. They grace our lives if we let them.

Humans have taken over nature's playground like spoiled children.   Graffiti and garbage that nature has to try to survive in now.

Feel the petals of a flower, smell the fragrance of the grasses.   Watch a mother bird make a nest, remember we are here at natures grace.

                      Cheryl C. Helynck


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