My Gift Of Roses

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Seven roses is the gift I offer, each carries a special meaning from me to you.

The first is to let you know how much I CHERISH you and the love we share for each other.

The second, a red rose tells you of the depth of my love coming from my HEART, it pounds in my chest as I think of you.

The third is a pure white rose, telling you my love is EVERLASTING.   It speaks of my love as pure and eternally yours.

The fourth rose is the rose of RESPECT.  We do not have to always think alike but I honor your beliefs.

The fifth is a special rose as it symbolizes the INSPIRATION you give me.  Without your love my life lacks the spirit to create.

The sixth rose is the rose of STRENGTH that I have because of your love.  Knowing I can lean on you when I feel weak.

The seventh and last rose is the rose of HOPE. I offer it with the other six trusting that you will keep these symbols of my cherished love of you.

                       Cheryl C. Helynck


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