Think Of Me

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I have only one request of you if we never meet again,  promise you will think of me every now and then.

Think of me fondly, the way I made you smile, regardless of the distance of the many miles.

Remember I loved you and all that we have shared, knowing in my heart that I really always cared.

Recall the moments of happiness and not the sorrow, the things we did not delay until tomorrow.

Think of me and remember the many sides of me,        ever changing as the motion of the seas.

No thoughts of what might or could have been please, accepting only the way it was with me.

Remember the things that were important to my life, love, peace, laughter, and nature without the strife.

Think of the values which I held  that made me whole, not the sadness and despair that often shook my soul.

Recall the willingness to extend a hand in friendship, and forgive the many flaws and chips.

Remember what I tried to do in life that was right, following my own path both day and night.

Recall I enjoyed being different from the rest, uniqueness was a quality in me that I liked best.

Think of how I listened to you with my heart and soul, burrowing deep into the real you like a mole.

Summon up again the feelings of how I revealed you, seeing with a clarity the person in you that is true. 

Remember I loved family and how I gathered others,   cherished them as extended sisters and brothers.

Think of my love for animals and nature's beauty, caring for them with respect not merely as a duty.

Recollect my love of words and how I used them, creating an artist's image with their meaning.

Know that material things held such a small place,     that a song, a child's laughter would light my face.

Recall I often felt lost, lonely, confused and restless,    that I searched for answers with openness.

Hiding my doubts and fears from many but not you, that I was trusting always and respecting your views.

When you think of  the things we will never get to do, know there will never be a day I will not think of you.

                            Cheryl C. Helynck


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