The Lady Comes

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This is a day just like any day.......but wait!

She comes, she comes .... the Lady comes. 

Awake to her presence and see all of her.

Above and below in all her grace and her charm.

The Lady comes, she comes today showing herself free and untamed.

Her beauty and strength is seen high above the mountain tops and deep within the waters of the seas.

Every breeze is her breath against your face, her fingers touch your skin with rays of warmth.

Come, come and see the Lady now in all her wonder and glory.

Come, come and enjoy the day. 

Enjoy the day.

Enjoy the day.

Every being, every life is touched by her.

Mother to us all.

See the world as she has painted it for us. 

Laid before us like a blanket to walk upon.

Cushioning the strife of life with color, shape and song.

Nurturing, healing, surrounding us with grandeur.

Make way, make way, the Lady comes with joy to add to our day.

Enjoy the day.

Enjoy the day.

                          Cheryl C. Helynck


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