Now And Forever

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Walking into the new dawn, carry these words with you as you travel through your day.  I watch proudly your footsteps as you move through this life.

Seeing the man you have become, tall and strong, with a caring heart.  Broad shoulders that will bear the tasks that lay before you my son.

You grew to be my support from your early childhood years.  A man long before your body grew to meet the burdens that we shared along the way.

I remember looking down into your young eyes seeing your concern.   Your arms that wrapped around me providing comfort and faith, I felt your love.

I leaned on you and wondered if it was wrong of me to do so.   You showed the compassion and wisdom sometimes of one much more worldly than your years.

Dealing with your own hurt and confusion, it altered your young life, a pain I tried to soothe.  Trying to be the man of the house in those early years.

You gave me strength to move forward when I had lost my own.   Somehow you grew to be a man so similar to the one that I loved his whole life, my own father.  He too was proud of you.

I see the tender way you respond to a child.  Not knowing know how this touches my heart to watch you give this fatherly warmth and love, which you were denied.

One day you may have a child of your own and I know you are prepared for the responsibility.  I see the direction of your footsteps and know you will be there for him in every way.

Now looking up into your eyes knowing you have cared for me all these years as I have you.  Seeing the affection you offer to your love and the life you plan for each other.

Walk on through the years knowing I trust in you and the man you have become.  I have confidence in the values you possess and send with you my love now and forever.


                         Cheryl C. Helynck

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