Rocky Romance

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The Rocky Mountains never cease to create a sense of awe and deep appreciation for the all encompassing beauty they provide.  It is not necessary to drive for miles to see one scenic spot.  Everywhere you look it is fabulous and breathtaking, nature at her finest.

Huge mountains surrounding crystal blue bodies of water, ancient glaciers and the wonderful wildlife that inhabits its mountains.  Not once have I ever heard anyone saying they were disappointed by seeing them.  The Rocky Mountains are truly an emotional experience in themselves.

At least a 100,000 years old these majestic mountains run from Canada down to Mexico.  They have been loyally guarded and preserved. Remaining rugged and dramatic, for the most part uninhabited by man.

The wisdom of our forefathers to fiercely stand firm to ensure that the ecosystems would not be altered allowing this safe haven to stand for the world to see.  Drive into the Rockies and she waits as she has for centuries with open arms.

The clean air that fills your lungs, the water so icy cold and pure.   It is like a rebirth to enter her.  Our heritage that we so proudly share with the world.  The land is entirely Crown-owned and only those that need to reside there as part of the vital park services are allowed to lease land to reside there.

Living so close to her I feel fortunate to have been allowed into her presence many times.  My body shivers not from the crisp air at the higher elevations but from the tremendous wonder of  the Rockies.  It makes me wonder what our world looked like before we tried to civilize it.

Grateful that we have this national park that is so serene and full of so many natural wonders.  Entering any town or city after being with her is so disappointing in comparison.  No architect will ever create a structure as inspiring as nature.

Canada is the largest country in the world with a small population in comparison.  We have an obligation to preserve the majesty of not only the Rockies but the many other wonders of our country.  Setting an example for other countries to take immediate and urgently needed measures to protect natures precious jewels.

Every country has their attractions Mother Nature did grace every corner of this world with special gifts.  Look around you and see if the land looks like it was intended.  Make that effort now to save and preserve for future generations this world we call ours.

                          Cheryl C. Helynck


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