Moment Of Peace


How often during the day do you wish you could just escape? Go any place to be alone, relax and let the world go by?

We all need a place to retreat from the madness of the world that surrounds us.

To some it might be a peaceful ocean beach, the waters of the sea lapping against the white sands on the shore. 

To others it might be the serenity of the mountains where the air is so crisp and clean. Where you are so high up you feel you could reach out and touch the fluffy white clouds overhead.

Some would walk through the forest and listen to the birds, watch the wild life and feel the gentle breeze of the wind on their face.

Wherever you choose to travel in your mind it is a healthy venture to leave the stress and worries behind for a few moments.   Taking time to calm your emotions finding a moment for peace.

I invite you to lose yourself in the virtual tranquility of this image.  Come back as often as you choose, put the phones on hold or take them off the hook.  Close off the world for just a few minutes and enjoy your peaceful solitude.


                                   Cheryl C. Helynck


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