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From the earth comes the hardest mineral ... a diamond. "Adamas" is the Greek root word of diamond and it means unconquerable and indestructible. Sought after for it's rarity, exceptional luster and brilliant fire, prized above all other gems. Diamonds have been fought over, worshipped and used to cast love spells.  They have stood for wealth, power, love, spirit and magical powers.  Some believed they were fragments of stars and the teardrops of the Gods.  The diamond was considered by some to possess magical qualities of the Gods and held powers far beyond the understanding of the common man.   To others they were a symbol of strength, courage and invincibility.  Through the centuries the diamond acquired the unique status of the ultimate gift of love.   Since that time the Greeks believed the fire in the diamond reflected the constant flame of love. The blue diamond is even more rare and its color comes from impurities in the gem. 

Blue Diamond is a work of love, full of spirit and unique qualities. Stories from the soul and interpretation of life.  My life has been far from perfect but I have gained strength and courage as I have lived it and I share it as a valued gift.

A word about the author. "When I contemplate what I am made of I think the composition is a thread of genius and a fiber of insanity tossed together with a sense of humor and a loving peaceful nature."

Cheryl C. Helynck


  small.gif (949 bytes)Where Do I Come From?

  small.gif (949 bytes)Earth's Song

  small.gif (949 bytes)Spirit Of Mary

  small.gif (949 bytes)Chapters

 small.gif (949 bytes)If I Had One Wish

  small.gif (949 bytes)Tale Of The Titanic

  small.gif (949 bytes)Goddesses Of Harmony     

  small.gif (949 bytes)Pastel Moods

 small.gif (949 bytes)Spirit Of TheWolf

 small.gif (949 bytes)A Mother's Memories

 small.gif (949 bytes)Conversation With Mark Twain

 small.gif (949 bytes)Media Madness

 small.gif (949 bytes)Dancing Northern Skies

 small.gif (949 bytes)Equinox Of Death

 small.gif (949 bytes)A Moment Longer    

 small.gif (949 bytes)Treasured Coastal Beacons

  small.gif (949 bytes)Hidden Beauty

 small.gif (949 bytes)The Road Not Taken

 small.gif (949 bytes)Spectral Eclipses

 small.gif (949 bytes)Help Me Say Goodbye

 small.gif (949 bytes)Feminine Mystique

 small.gif (949 bytes)Ocean Ballet

 small.gif (949 bytes)Ocean Kisses



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