Mystic Sojourn

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Listen to your heart, how many times have you been told to follow your own instincts?  Yet reaching the inner threshold of your being is considered by many in the scientific community as an unpredictable and unreliable source of information.

Every culture and nation has gifted individuals that not only practice internal travel but astound those who witness the results.  It is their abilities to reach into their inner being and withdraw knowledge and powers that is viewed in awe.

Call it what you like intuition, extra sensory perception, clairvoyance, mental telepathy the title really matters little.  It should not be feared as if it were a belief in a dark occult.

I believe we must know ourselves better than any other human on the face of the earth.  A trip deep into the inner being is a sojourn of discovery.  

Coming in touch with who you are and tying in the loose ends of your thoughts. This is most productive to self help and healing.  Awakening abilities in yourself that will be your guide.

Listen to your heart... trust your instincts.. what do they tell you about you?

We all have an inner voice and listen to it in varying degrees.   Some are more in tune to it than others. In some it is ever present and others have to search deep inside the body.  The mind and heart speaks if you choose to listen drawing out the wisdom and knowledge it has stored inside you.

The inner you has no reason to lie but sometimes it is hard to interpret.  Making us distrust it or finding it difficult to follow.  The mind and body are so complex that we only know the fundamental performances of them.

There is much that has been discovered or perhaps rediscovered in the last few centuries about the function of the mind.  Learning to believe and trust in your own feelings may be one of the oldest survival instincts known to man.

Take the trip, it costs nothing and could be the biggest discovery of your life.

                       Cheryl C. Helynck


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