Ocean Kisses

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Ocean kisses from the bottom of the sea sent to you from me.  Glide through life with me and I will never leave you alone.

When the way ahead is unclear and murky I will be there.   No one will dare hurt or harm you when we are together.

Time from here to eternity you will spend right next to me.  The love I hold deep down here in my heart is yours alone.

Call my name and from any harbor or shore I will be there.  There is no explanation for how are souls joined together. 

I will kiss you every morning and night because you love me.  You have filled my life with song since I am no longer alone.

The faith in our relationship built on trust is always there.     Honored companion for life, our souls are mated together.

Memories only begin since you began making them with me.  Before you my heart beat with a hollow ring I was so alone.

My eyes close and even in the dark I know you are still there. The world as we know it seems smaller with us together.

Kisses of lovers like you and I, ocean kisses darling from me.  My soul sings out your name, shouting that I am not alone.

Worries and cares seem like little ones with you being there.  Impossible is a word that I never use when we are together.

                                      Cheryl C. Helynck


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