Pastel Moods


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With a stroke the artist lays a skiff of paint across the canvas.  At this moment it is nothing but a mark, a blemish on an otherwise clean surface but in the mind of the artisan it is the beginning of a recreation of an image that is seen in only in the artist's intellect.

Seeing the sketch take form, shading, highlighting and contrasting until the image is depicted.  A portrait of the representation the master had mentally envisioned .

The same is true of the writer who uses words to display emotions, and convey a message.  Carefully selecting verbs and nouns as the artist selects the hue and tints of his paints.  Adding to the collection of utterances placed in print until the novelist has displayed the thoughts in text.

The delicate pastel colors that an artist uses set a mellow suggestion of tranquility.  These shades hint of inactivity.  The lack of fire, the burning energy that the vibrant colors portray as alive are muted.   Yet they are not the stagnant hues of death. 

The author may choose to write in muted shades of pastel words.  Conveying a form of limbo, perhaps a calm before the depiction of the storms of life or the pause to catch their thoughts after a rush of emotions they have represented in print.

The musician like both these creators of images plays notes in a subtle and melodious arrangement to draw the listener into the pastel mood.

If all those who create recognize this soft shade of our emotions what is a pastel mood?  It is not experiencing exuberance nor is it depression.  Not necessarily happy or sad.  It is a pause in emotions in our ethereal path.  A time of reflection, contemplation and rest.

Life offers up many roads to follow, decisions to be made once we reach a cross-roads and these are pastel moments.  We begin each journey with intent that is pure.  The wisdom of the universe enveloped in the higher consciousness.

Before us are the tools of higher understanding that we will be able to utilize if we do not become involved with the material plane letting our egos disturb this spiritual equilibrium.  We progress down each new path and as we develop maturity we take time to reflect on our past lives and submit the future to a period of  meditation.

Justice is the voice of our conscience and learning to follow it will keep order and balance in our lives, this is when the shades of thoughts are softly colored.  A time of temperance to our contemplation in order to experience the flow of beauty, order and harmony.  As we pause in a pastel mood concentrating on moderation to maintain our focus before heading out again on a new path. 

All artists recognize these pauses that we take with our lives and therefore they are depicted in all the arts.  Accepted and recognized as a lull in our lives we need to plan, remember, and prepare for the new path.   Therefore the tone is mellow, the shades pastel the words soft so as not to interfere as we pause in life before carrying on.


                               Cheryl C. Helynck


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