Where Do I Come From?

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Where do I come from? Where will I go?

How did I get here? Is life all a show?

What am I seeking? What knowledge is new?

Do I bring with me wisdom that my soul once knew?

Does time have a beginning and hence have an end?

Or like a circle does it go round and round again?

Does the universe have a purpose and meaning?

Will the answers come to me in my dreaming?

Have I stood on these same shores?

Is this the first time?  Did I fail once before?

Does the sun loose it's faith to the darkness so deep?

Can sorrows and pain be lost in a sleep?

Why do the forces seem in opposition?

Is the dualities in conflict an ancient composition?

Does the creative and passive compassionate being rest?

Why does it allow the destructive and impulsive the conquest?

Why does the universe seem like such a chaotic place?

Why does it seem we are such a catastrophic ferocious race?

Why are these questions unanswered when so essential?

Why is good and bad, love and hate a known fundamental?

Why is the only certainty change? 

Does an electron or proton interact and stay the same?

Why do some see the world progressing and others retrogressing?

Why does matter and energy exist in a timeless eternal being?

From where did I come from and where will I go next?

Will I return to the womb of nothingness to continue the text?

Will life be simple or still so abstract?

Is it vibrations in existence that throw me off track?

Can one entity govern all that exists?

Or is life explained by the laws of physics?


                                 Cheryl C. Helynck



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