Earth's Song

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The darkness gives way to the light of morning and with it comes the resurrection of another day

With the spring equinox the earth awakes from it's winter slumber and sings it's song to the world heralding it's rejuvenation.

Liberated from the grasps of the cold bonds of winter the earth sings it's freedom and from it's womb sprouts forth new life.

Trees that were bare twigs feel the sap moving and buds of new vitality press against hard bark in earth's labor of birth.

Expanding it seems the earth grows in size, what was conquered and smothered by the weight of the snows stretches and reaches upward to the light of this day.

The earth inhales and her chest rises as green blades of grass and wild flowers form her new dress.

The winds that carry her breath is so clean and filtered of all that is stale.

The waters running through her body crevices so cold and sparkling give nourishment to the world that awakens.

The earth sings a song for those that can hear and the birds carry the tune on wings that flutter and soar over her broad being.

The birth cycle with all it's complexity and sophistication unfolds in this infinitely mysterious opera of life.

Like a conductor introducing new instruments, one at a time to a slowly swelling symphony that eventually erupts in a thunderous crescendo of rapturous harmony.

Blossoms drawn to the sun from the morning horizon, the misty raiment is siphoned up to shroud the mountain summits to fall as rain nourishing the bountiful river plains.

Absolute beauty, a irresistible attraction as the earth experiences a new rebirth and transcends death to sing once more the earth's song.

                                Cheryl C. Helynck


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