Feminine Mystique

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A woman is the embodiment of mystification, unique and confusing to her male counterpart.  Outwardly she is similar in body and flesh but without question she is different from man.  Her body is cherished and treasured for its soft round curves that welcomes and invites the masculine physique to join her in the procreation.  Hers is a mind that is intelligent and resourceful, a spirit that is strong and determined.  A heart that shares and offers love and compassion.

Who looks into the soul of a woman and does not see the qualities of nature.  Feel the warmth of her smile in the sun that shines on your face, knowing without words that you are loved and cared for.  See the tears in her eyes as the soft rain when she feels pain for your hurts and sorrows. 

Can you not feel her in the breath of a breeze that moves softly and silently over your flesh, knowing that she is close but unobtrusive.   Look at the strong tall trees and watch them sway in the wind and do you not see her walking by, seductive but in no way weak.

When you lay on the ground and watch the sky and see the clouds you see her softness float by and want to nestle your head against the curves and be caressed.  The firmness of the earth that supports your body as you stare upward like the strength she offers as your confident and equal.

Hear her words so you can share in the music of her heart.   Listen to what she has to say and try not to find too many hidden meanings.  Speak with her soul and show that you can take her hand and sail with her.   Smile in the sun, dance in the rain and rejoice in all that is feminine and mysterious.

                                     Cheryl C. Helynck


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