Goddesses Of Harmony

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Enter the temple of the Goddesses into their mystical realm.

Mysterious and voluminous deities empowered with the gifts of love.

Elite in their number and attributes each an accomplished queen.

Join in their infinite cosmic dance, witness the wholeness of unity.

A compelling and intricate tapestry of relationships they create.

Assembled as an edifice of complexity and sophistication.

Theirs is the Grand Order of all that is divinely feminine.

Drawing an irresistible attraction brain to mind and mind to wisdom.

An enchanting alluring contribution to the cosmic universe.

Communicating their symbolic language to the unconscious mind.

Not an enduring legend that engages the mystery of their existence.

Rather a phenomenal truth that the senses can apprehend.

Enlightenment of wisdom and awareness only hidden.

Waiting to be revealed from the shadow of the unconscious world.

A noumenal truth that can never be proven to exist.

Sheltered in the forbidding labyrinth of the universal being of woman.

The supreme representatives of the mystery of mysteries.

The source from which all life, fertility, beauty and power flow.

As the plant dies and yields seeds which goes in the womb of earth.

So to does the seeds planted in woman which grows into new life.

The earth provides nourishment for her children as do all mothers.

The eternal regenerating cycles of the cosmos, all that dies is reborn.

It is the transforming magic of the feminine the Goddesses reveal.

The harmony between the male hunter who sees reality as linear.

Knowing survival does not remove the mystery of feminine creation.

Hers is the spirit of cyclical repetition of the seasons.

Solar masculine deities place divinity not in nature but above it.

Nature is not to be transcended, conquered or subordinated.

The Goddesses know that if there is to be survival a unison is needed.

Not power or beauty but a new relationship defined.

A soaring duet that achieves the full magnitude of human potential.

The beauty of the blossom cannot exist without the power of the sun.

Power is the default setting it exists by itself and is the universe.

Beauty is our world, our civilization and its achievements.

The spirit of beauty needs protection and asks for allegiance.

Shall it be power the way of the flesh or beauty the way of spirit?

Will it be lost to petty ambitions or enlightenment of accord?

The harmony that is all that is feminine adds to the grand design.

Admire and hold the Goddesses in awe for their alluring beauty.

Make not the fatal mistake that they are weak or lessor in being.

To know all that is divinely feminine listen to the harmony of her soul.

Perfection in creativity understand her noble cause.

The divine feminine is not a mask but the force of nature.

The principals of creation and regeneration upon which all exists.

The truths she holds that neither masculine or feminine are authority.

Enter the temple of the Goddesses, harmony, love and grace.

Hear their celestial music as they move the universe to dance.


                                       Cheryl C. Helynck


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