Wood Nymph Creed 



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As the clock strikes the twenty fifth hour of the eight day of the week in the thirteenth month I shall return to the woods and walk between the trees and foliage.  It will be here that the world will be as it should have been.

Speak to my soul with healing words.

Sing a tune that echoes in my heart.

Take my hand and give me reassurance.

Surround me with the comfort of your closeness.

Walk beside me so I feel not alone.

Clear my mind of the worthless clutter.

Let me soar in rejoicing of my freedom.

Allow my ears to hear the whispers of the universe.

Open my eyes to all that is beautiful.

Give my voice the velvet smoothness to sing out.

Let no words of criticism escape my lips.

Allow me the strength to let others be right.

It is at this time of reunion with the woods the murmurs of the winds in the trees will be understood.  The secrets of the waters that flow in the brooks and streams will revealed.  My spirit will be drawn into the body of the earth and will gain the strength of all the forces and my knowledge will be as vast as all that of eternity.



                              Cheryl C. Helynck


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