Guide Me Home

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Guide me home for I am lost far out to sea.

Guide me home for I am as lost as lost can be.

There is no shore to safely stand on and its a long way to the ocean floor.

I am weary of this travel that never ever ends and I want no more.

Take my hand and guide me for I am too weak to stand.

Let the oceans part in the path to safe surrounding lands.

Let the fires burn on the shores to guide the weary spirit homeward for me.

Guide me for my eyes are too tired to see.

Enfold me in the comfort of security that I have not known.

Guide me home where there is a place for me guide me home.


It is another day on the seas of life and all I can see is the worry and the strife.

As far as I can see there is nothing here to help me and the burdens make floating a near impossibility of life.

Guide me to a safe shore where my feet can stand on land.

Guide me home here is my outstretched hand.

Let me moor this vessel in a harbor of understanding.

Guide me on to another land, a bank that I can be assured my troubles I would be forgetting.

Take me home, take me far away from here.

There is no spirit left, take the shell and cast it on the beach to dry and sear.

Let the sun shine on the open casing and salt waters wash the sands free.

Guide me to the shore to rest, the body is so exhausted that without help the seas will swallow me.


Guide me home, remember me I am the weary traveler far out to sea.

I have tried it all alone and I am sinking from the strain it is too much for me.

The answers are so elusive or confusing I need time to understand.

The waves wash over me and at times I can not see the skies and no where is there land.

Guide me home, to a warm fire where I can stand and dry.

Guide me home to land, guide me with a love that I can accept at least I will try.

There is a worn soul tossed upon the seas today.

If there is any goodness anywhere take this outstretched hand take me away.

Guide me home and let peace be a reality so I know fear no more.

Guide me home to rest on the safety of the shores.


                          Cheryl C. Helynck


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