Don't You Think It's Time?

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Two old souls pause to reflect on the condition of this planet that has been run by man.  The atmosphere is filled with gases that the old souls know would be dangerous for life.  They wonder how man took something so pure and clean and changed it into the rotting stench that revolves below their eyes.  As their eyes burn they come closer to see the extent of the damage.   One soul sits on a hill top that seems to be sprouting aluminum cans and used condoms.  He looks out on a lake that is a stale body of  water that shows the oil streaks of motor vehicles.  The old soul hangs it head and weeps.  The other soul stands close by remembering the beauty that once existed. 

"Love could have saved this world if man knew how to join hands" the one soul said to the other.  "They cultivated greed and hatred but if they had spent as much time in learning and practicing love this world would have been their finest accomplishment.  They are such a talented creature they could have been an example to every living specie." The old soul standing turned in disgust, "Don't you think it is time that man should be removed so the growing things may have a chance to survive?   There are other creatures that may once more flourish in time without the damage of man."

The old soul looked up at the other and said, "Can we just make one more attempt to show them the meaning of love?"  The other said, "The tribes of man they hate so strongly, one for the color of the other tribes skin, some for the hordes of treasures others have stolen away from the rest.  There is hate just because they have not learned the words and the ways of others, and so much contempt for the gods and idols they claim as their leaders."  The old soul looked up again, "We need to re-teach them the meaning of the word love.  Every man wants to feel loved, and most can give love.  But they need to love each other and the other creatures that walk these soils.  They need to be taught to love the air, the water, the tender shoots of green growth and all that is beauty and wonderful that adds to life."

The old soul walked to the edge of the bank and looked down on a tall concrete tower sitting in the middle of the water.  "What of the things they have built like nuclear reactors?  They have no idea how to dispose of these horrible creations and in time they will infest the atmosphere with their deadly gases?  What of the tribes that have built nuclear weapons, so many that they could annihilate this world and several others? Don't you think is it time?"

"Where one man will walk across the burning desert with no shoes on his feet to share his meager food with another there is love.   Where a crying child is heard and its suffering stopped there is love.  Where the tribes of man close their minds to the differences in colors, languages and gods there is love.  Where a tree is planted so that it will put the clean gases into the air for others to breath there is love."

The old soul turned and looked down, "But the numbers of man that know and show love are so few do you think it is enough to change the others?  They continue to war with each other and destroy so much of this world."  The old soul looked up and shrugged "I don't know we had so many hopes for them. We thought they had the reasoning and understanding to appreciate that only love can join the tribes of man."


                             Cheryl C. Helynck


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