Following The Light

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Closed eyes but not to the brilliant beam of light. Hampered not by a heavy heart with a racing pace.

Peaceful ponderances fill my most inner thoughts.  Undoubtedly the most utter relaxation ever savored.

Ever twisting turning floating towards the beacon.   Sounds accumulate in a symphonic melody of timbre.

Fear of falling fully recedes as the body rotates.  Sensing the welcoming warmth of the atmosphere.

Drained of dubious doubts focused on the source.  Gathering glimpses of the groups that join now.

Knowing and knowledge that kept madness at bay. Crystal clear insight to the vestige of visions.

Hearing the hollow sounds of my vibrating voice. Echoes of the earthly utterances that once were.

Touched by the titillating turbulence of passing air.  Rebellious reasoning quenched by the quiet void.

Questions answered abound in the abyss of my mind.  Seeing with a new sense that separates the curtains.

The justice of the journey joins the traveler's agenda. The light forming liaisons with the lofty views of all.

Each existence unfolds as the mind has perceived it.  Creation the cumulation of each chapter written.

Beliefs that blinded the baffled senses fall away.  Truths unfold in the timeless travel onward.

Following fearlessly the fierce brilliance of the light.  Training my total being tutored by its brilliance.

Peacefully patient rewarded with the unveiling.    Internalizing the glow of the graceful satisfaction. 

Moving ever forward with a monumental wisdom.    Feeling the freedom now with doubts dissipated.

Following the light letting it lift and carry me. Trusting in the truths now told to the traveler.


                                    Cheryl C. Helynck


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