The Spirit Within


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This who I am, and all I choose to be.

The spirit from within forever demanding to be free.

So take my hand this day and fly with me,

Across the skies that cover all the seas.

My love is yours alone.

The spirit from within resounding with a voice so true.

Singing a song composed for you.

Beloved our love has grown.

Wild and unbridled I will always be.

The spirit from within rebelling at conformity.

Hold me in your arms with a grip that never binds me.

Lifting our love higher than the tallest trees.

Sharing a love the depth that few have ever known.

The spirit from within moves in a ballet for two.

Dancing to a rhythm shared only with you.

Feeling your presence still even when I am all alone.

In days to come when I am gone you will still feel me.

Remembering the spirit from within that lived to be free.

Knowing the passion of my love and how you helped it to be.

Closing your eyes and flying once again above the seas.

Carrying the spirit of the love you had known.

The spirit from in will be smiling down at you.

Acknowledging your love that has been forever true.

Seeing all of this I will not be alone.


                                   Cheryl C. Helynck


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