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In creating the work My Two Cents Diamond I have searched the net and had others supply me with some of the images, graphics and backgrounds that I felt added to my writings.   They have come from a hundreds of locations many of which I will never be able to acknowledge.  I can only offer my thanks to all those that have added to the value of the internet with their art and photography.  If I have used an image that originated from your site please contact me and I will gladly add you to the list of credits.


bann.jpg (17374 bytes) Jonathon Earl Browser

The art work of this Canadian artist is one of the most outstanding and inspiring that I have ever seen.  A truly remarkable collection of original work that is a venture into the mystic and beauty of women and nature as seen through this his eyes and captured in his paintings.

tericolh.jpg (8650 bytes) Teri Sodd

Teri specializes in pastel portraits, which portray the realistic expressions and feelings of the people of the Southwest. Clarity of color and depth of emotion are evident in her art.

A self-taught artist, she prefers painting the Plains Indian tribes and their way of life. Honored with numerous awards, her work appears in numerous collections, including those of Larry Gatlin, Roy Rogers, B.J. Thomas, Marty Robbins, Loretta Lynn and Gary Morris. Her works have also been displayed in galleries throughout the United States.


billmartinself_portrait.jpg (7332 bytes)  Bill Martin

"There seem to be two distinct but compatible directions in my art.  The first is concerned with the depiction of imagined realities.  The other is the depiction of perceived realities.  By observing the existing subjects I am drawn to paint.  I find new underlying currents in my own subconscious.  Thus in my art I explore the conscious, subconscious, and the intercommunication between"

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