Earth's Heartbeat

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Trust not man's conscience to care that you exist.  Plundering your very soul that he can not resist.

Your brooks of sparkling water will be mudded.    Diverting your waters till your banks are flooded.

No care has he who carves his name on thy trees.  The bark which protected falls now to the leaves.

Birds no more their cheerful melodies do sing.   Awake to danger in their sacred world within. 

Creatures hiding amongst the leaves and foliage.   Safety is only with their screening knowledge. 

Butterflies dart not among the blades of grass.  Bees hide in their hives abandoning their tasks.

Foolish man blinded that he does not own thee.   Taking everything in greed that he can see.

In age perhaps with regret and intellect he knows. All he tried to possess will cover him and grow.

The heart beats on as it has for a million years.  That man passes will not cause it to shed tears.  

Hide the orchestra, silence the sparrow's song.  The harmony can be heard when man is gone.

The heart beat of earth is a special composition.   Machinery of man does not make him a musician.

Hidden, protected beat in harmony this day.   Wisdom of you secret until man passes this way.

Pollution will be your signal when he is near. Look for his monument a cast off can of beer.

He might look innocent and pass in silence by.   Vowing to keep you sacred but he will lie.

Where one footprint marks with the body of man.  A road map of greed will be the work of his hand.

Waters will be diverted and shelters with rafters.  Photographs he will take the before and after.

No harm will he see of accumulating treasures.   Innocent he will plead of raping your pleasures.

Beat softly and silently to avoid his detection.  Your soul can not become his tourist attraction.


                           Cheryl C. Helynck


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