Dear Princess:

In my life I have learned that there is a great importance to knowing when to be silent and when to seek out moments of silence.

You can not listen if you are talking at the same time as someone else is speaking.   Your thoughts and views are not the only important ones.   You will learn from others when you are quiet and let them convey their ideas and thoughts. 

At other times you need to be silent and know that the words you are thinking if spoken will hurt others and damage your own image in the eyes of others.  "When you can't say something nice don't say anything at all."

Someone who knows when and how to be silent can command the total attention of everyone when they choose to speak.  It is this person who has thought through their ideas while listening to those of others that can make the biggest impression.

Silence is also important when you want to think things through and make decisions.  Distractions can make it harder to concentrate.  A few moments of silence can allow you to find an answer that was eluding you.

In silence you can learn about yourself and reflect on thoughts you may have.   Many of the wonders of the world impress us and are totally silent, like a floating cloud or the majesty of a mountain.  If we can hold these in awe and they are silent then perhaps there is something to be learned about the benefits of silence.


Love always,



                         Cheryl C. Helynck

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