Dear Princess:

Perfection can be very desirable and most of the time it is wise to attempt to come as close to this state as possible.  However perfection is a double edged sword and the pursuit of perfection can make success seem unattainable.  

Perfection is also very subjective, in that what is perfect for someone else may not be perfect for you.

Striving for perfection can be a admirable goal as long as not every thing in your life has to be perfect in order for you to be happy.  Nothing in life is perfect all the time and to think that this is how you must live your life will lead you to unhappiness.  Knowing you have tried your best, attempted to make something as perfect as you can, than this is as close to perfection that is possible at times and you must accept this and be happy.

We seldom have much success in making other people conform to our view of perfection.  To try this may make you seem unreasonable and demanding to these persons.

Perfection can be a sweet moment of success that only comes occasionally in our lives, or it may be always close to the way we live our lives.  How we each value perfection can determine how we succeed in life.  The perfectionist may never find happiness as they are pursing perfection constantly and never quite finding it.  The less compulsive person may respect that perfection is ideal but realize that it need not govern their lives and find more satisfaction in knowing that they can accept less than perfection and still be happy.


Love always,



                      Cheryl C. Helynck

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