Dear Princess:

You have the ability to experience anything you want if you use your imagination.  It can take you to any place in this world or the universe beyond.  Your imagination can bring beauty into your life or excitement.  It is your very own and it knows no boundaries or limitations.  No one can stop you from using it and you are under no obligation to share it with anyone.

Your imagination is like a secret power.  It is very strong.  Imagination is sometimes the magic carpet you ride when you day dream to that enchanted moment where everything in your life is beautiful.  It is not only for make believe.  It is a means for you to create with your mind, and body things that do not already exist.  Sometimes it is an artistic flare to the way you decorate your home, the combination of colors and fabrics that is so totally unique that no one else has thought to do what you have done.

Imagination has been the strength behind all the great discoveries.  Alexander Graham Bell had to imagine he could make sound carry across wires in order to create the early telephones.  It has taken the imagination of many scientists to envision a spaceship that could fly to the moon or any other body in the universe.

Your imagination lies in your soul and is sparked by the neutrons of your brain.  You must care for it like a garden so it can grow and produce.  Never let others lead you to believe that using your imagination is a waste of time.  Never become so trapped in the belief that you must fit in that you block out the wonders of your imagination.   Be the commander of your own thoughts and dare to stand out by seeing the world through your eyes.  Trust yourself to envision changes and use your imagination to make it possible.

Love always,




                        Cheryl C. Helynck

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