Dear Princess:

In this life we are given special blessings called friends.  We never know where they will come from, what they will look like or who they be.  

In this huge world with millions of people there are a select few who we will meet and will take into our hearts.  

We may instantly like them, or we may grow to love them.  These are the people we go to when we need to share a joy, a sorrow, or to simply to spend time with because they make our life more enriched.

It is important to know what it means to be a friend.  It is a commitment to another person to honor their trust in us.   Sometimes it is knowing when to keep their secrets and at other times it is caring enough about them to ensure that they will not be injured if a secret is kept.

A friend means making the decision to be part of another person's life.   This means we are there for them as they are for us.  It is a two way street and a friendship should not be abused.  We should not take a friendship for granted nor make unreasonable demands of a friend.

We may have several friends,  just a couple or perhaps just one special friend.  Friendships can be acquired fairly easily at times but not all of them will endure a lifetime.  The really special friends stand out from what we call acquaintances by  surviving all our very best and worst traits and still maintaining their friendship decades after first meeting us.

It is also very important to know that a friend does not have to have an exclusive relationship with you.  Like you they may have varied interests, they will know and be friends with other people besides you.  This does not mean that your friendship means any less.  In fact it should make you feel pleased that they find something so special in you that even though they have other friends none of them are as unique as you and your friendship is important.

Keep a friend always in your heart.  Make sure that you care, respect and make time for them. You will know a true friend when they do the same for you.

Love always,



                      Cheryl C. Helynck


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