What Makes You Special                                        




I believe we all wonder what makes us special.  From the moment we are old enough to understand the concept of uniqueness I think we all want to know what it is that makes us stand out amongst all the rest of the people on earth.  Then from there on we want to ensure that we remain distinctive in one-way or another.  For some people it means becoming the best in their field and being remembered by future generations.  Others do not focus on their own individuality so much as they try to fit the "norm" of their society but will still try to have some aspect of their life or personality that is truly theirs alone.

I have learned that we make ourselves special by what we do, how we live and the way in which we interact with the rest of the world's population.  We do not have to try very hard to be different it comes naturally, however many will fight the uniqueness in order to fit in, to belong or be accepted.  It is a sad concept that some people have adapted to try to hide their exclusive traits so not to be judged as out of the ordinary.   

It is those people who enjoy themselves, accepting who they are and whatever qualities and faults that they may have that allow their own special personalities and skills to project that most demonstrate how different we all are from one another.  Not that we cannot learn and sometimes do the same things as other people but who we are should not be lost along the way.

If I can give you anything my little Me Too, I hope it is the will to be who you are, the desire to find out all you can be and the strength to follow your dreams when the path is but a bubble of a thought at the back of your mind.


                   Cheryl C. Helynck


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