Color Between The Lines




When we are little, Me Too, our parents and teachers try to show us how to color.  We take a wax crayon and try to color the picture without going over the lines.  The result of a successful attempt produces a picture that might show the sky blue and the grass green. Our reward is praise for a job well done.

The first time we get behind the wheel of a car a parent, friend or teacher instructs us to drive in our own lane.  Reinforcing the necessity to stay within the lines of the road.  The result of a successful attempt may mean your instructor and you will most likely survive the adventure to go on to drive another day. 

When you see a sign on a buoy in the water  warning you that beyond that point the undercurrent is too strong for swimmers.  This is an invisible line in the waters to alert you of danger.  The result of heeding the cautioning will result in you enjoying a safe swim in waters.

Sometimes though when you have grown a bit older and wiser you will learn that occasionally the lines could and should be expanded to suit your lifestyle and personality.  We all do not follow the same guidelines in everything we do.  The experimentation of crossing the line will sometimes scar and scare you.  But every so often the thrill of coloring outside the lines is what makes one person an artist and the other a paint by number hobbyist.  


                   Cheryl C. Helynck


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