Take Time




Life my little Me Too is a mystery of many unopened doors and paths that lead far off into the distance with no apparent end.

Do not choose the door without some consideration as to what might lay behind it or what the other options may be behind the other doors.

Try to savor the adventure of the path you have chosen and make it a worthwhile venture from which you will store many wondrous memories.

Take time my little Me Too to see the many wonders along the way.  Explore what is new and different.  Learn from every source so you become wiser as you venture further down the road.

Remember a closed door does not mean that it is locked.  Try the handle and see if you can gain access.  If you are refused entry try to learn why.  If the door still remains unopened then do not linger overly long as there are so many other doors along the trail of life that will open for you.

Take time my little Me Too to know love.  It is a lonely journey without love and it sometimes does not come without a great deal of effort.  Know when love is being given and know when to show love along the way.  Know the doors of life open easier with the power of love behind you and the strength of love can make the disappointment of a closed door less disheartening.

                    Cheryl C. Helynck


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