Sleep Well Me Too





Close your eyes my little Me Too, it has been a long day.  When the sun rose this morning you set out to make your mark on the day.  The hours flew by and now the sun has set in the west again.  One day is a shortened example of life.  You wake up one morning and want to make something of yourself, show the world you have something to contribute.  The years fly by like the hours did today and before you know it the day is nearly done.

If you want to make your mark and make it count you will have to learn to see the opportunities as they appear.  Look to the ways in which you can contribute to society and to your environment if you want to make a mark that will be remembered.

Give of yourself and your talents and you will be rewarded in ways that will always amaze you.  A kindness extended makes you a better person and comes back to you in the wealth of the experience.

Celebrate the times of your life each day and pay tribute to the beauty all around you.  Observe the many memorable events such as having someone to love and someone that loves you in return.

Take time to try to make sense of this life and leave a record of it behind so that when you leave it one day it will all have been worth while.


                        Cheryl C. Helynck


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