No Worries



Me Too you are such a lucky little child to be born into a family that loves you so very much.

Your parents and family waited for your arrival with so much anticipation.

Your every need has been anticipated and carefully taken care of so you have no worries Me Too.

Close your eyes and sleep knowing you are being watched and cared for every moment while you rest.

When you wake you will play in the safety of your home and enjoy foods that will help you grow.

No worries Little Me Too because you are one of the lucky ones born in a home of warmth and abundance.

When you grow a little bigger Me Too do not take for granted all the fortunes that you have been given.

Open your eyes and your heart to those that you will see around you that did not have your stroke of luck.

Never shut your eyes to those that are cold and hungry when you have so much to share.

Always remember you can use your good fortune to help those who do have worries.

                    Cheryl C. Helynck


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