Little Me Too you are entering a world and a lifetime of decisions.  Every day over and over again you will have to decide on what you will and will not do.

Sometimes you will make the decision instantly almost like a reflex action but this choice is usually based on instant like or dislike that pushes you to a very quick conclusion.  

As you start to grow the importance of the decision often is bigger and sometime harder to make.  The decisions we spend the most time considering often surround choosing between right and wrong.

There is the moral right and wrong, and sometimes  the individual choice that is correct or incorrect for the person making the decision.  Sometimes you will spend a great deal of time just deciding if a judgment has moral implications.

There will be times when you will have to assess both your own position and your moral beliefs.  Most of all once you have made your choice and evaluated all the issues you must be able to live with your decision.

Some decisions once made cannot be retracted and the consequences must be accepted for what they are either good or bad.

There are many decisions that you can alter often more than you expect at first glance.  A poor choice can often be corrected without a disastrous outcome or without too severe a consequence.

Often what is more serious is the lack of a decision.  When you do not make any choice whatsoever you are allowing things to just happen without any direction in your destiny.

Many times you can seek advice on serious decisions and listen to the wisdom of others but ultimately the choice is yours.  Sometimes your decision will be considered a mistake and other times it will be a wise choice.

As you go through life remember that most times the decisions are yours to make.  Take enough time to consider each of them and trust yourself to know that you have the ability to make the best choice.   


                   Cheryl C. Helynck


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