One Certainty of Life






There are few absolute certainties in life but one you can always count on is change.  It will happen when you least expect it.  Sometimes it will seem like it will take forever to see a change and the next time you have hardly adjusted to what is new when you encounter yet another. 

Life becomes very hard sometimes when you do not think you are ready for a change or that the modification is not an improvement to your life.  Then some changes are really for the worse and this too you have to learn to accept.

Every time there is a change and you resist it you waste so much energy in just being unhappy and frustrated that the alteration has occurred.  Or like so many people you might try to undo the change and try to revert back to the way things were before when you seemed settled and content with life even though it may not have been the best.  It was what you knew and were comfortable with; hence what is new and different seems wrong or dissatisfying.

For you my little Me Too, the changes will not come fast enough at first.  You will not be big enough to ride a two-wheel bike.  There will be no hair on your face to shave.  Girls will seem like a disease that needs to be blotted out.  Then all of a sudden you find an old bike in the garage so tiny you look like a circus clown when you try to ride it.  Your voice will have deepened and shaving will be a morning ritual that you do because your girlfriend does not like razor burn. 

It is about this time you begin to understand changes and that they occur without your permission.  They happen over night sometimes and your world seems turned upside down.  When this happens try to ride the wave of the change like a surfer in the ocean.  Be prepared for the full force of the ocean to sweep you under but try to keep your balance and ride the wave to the shore.



                   Cheryl C. Helynck


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