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If I Had One Day As A Human

One day that is all I ask, to be human.
Twenty-four hours to tell the world my story.
Where I came from, thousands of years ago.
How I have evolved to become the dog they now know.

A day to tell them the history behind our relationship.
Why we have been dedicated and devoted to humans.
Give an understanding of our social structure.
Explain the pack and the ranking of each member.

Twenty-four hours to explain what makes a good dog.
What makes them happy and what makes them sad.
Give an understanding of how we reason.
What we understand and what we do not.

Simply a short period of time to clear up all the myths.
To explain what we need from our relationship together.
Open the eyes of those who have refused to see.
Thank those who take the time to try to understand.

One day as a human to try to offer them our wisdom.
Years of seeing this planet altered and changed.
Much of it endangering the lives of plants and animals.
To explain that simplicity is sometimes better.

Speak of the legal system and our lack of rights.
The need for better shelters and rescue organizations.
A day to communicate our needs and how we need help.
A time to speak of responsibilities of ownership.

Thank the people that keep us well and happy.
Veterinarians, breeders and owners that care.
Researchers working towards cures for our diseases.
Educators who have taught humans much about us.

One single day to confirm what many already know.
That we help to relieve stress in the lives of humans.
Provide unconditional love, dedication and loyalty.
Protect, work and play with humans out of love.

Until and unless that day arrives, I rely on you.
To continue to love and care for our needs.
Dogs speaking out through the words of humans.
Spreading the knowledge acquired about the dog world.

Cheryl C. Helynck
Whiteshadow Kennels, 1998


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