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There goes Samuel in the forefront and Mitzie's at the rear,
Here we go again around the ring as the crowd will stand and cheer.

Yes they think we're mighty handsome or pretty if that's the case,
But they'll think we're darn right perfect if the Judge gives us first place.

I have never looked so healthy, my coat sparkles in the sun,
I even had a pedicure and I move my feet with as we go along the run.

Oh!  No! Samuel took a dump and his owner looks embarrassed,
The Judge seems not to notice as she runs her hands over Harris.

I have showed my bite, and stood like a statue, not it's time to show my stuff.
I stretch my legs and show my gait, don't you think I have a regal ruff.

The judge walks around the ring and looks at each of us with care,
We had best not move a muscle or shake one tiny hair.

Now she's gone passed the Poodle and Spaniel quite quickly,
The Hound she looks again at and then she looks back at me.

I know she thinks I'm charming and she heads back for the ribbon,
"Gosh, Howard you drool so much you really need a bib on".

My owner is excited, the crowd claps and cheers,
Roger's owner is just shaking and trying to hold back the tears.

It looked like we would win but there will be another day,
My owner gave me a hug and said, "Come on let's play".

She loves me just the same, I'm a winner in her eyes,
She tells me I'm the greatest and I know she would not lie.

Cheryl C. Helynck
Whiteshadow Kennels 1993


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