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Ok I want the remote! Enough with this science fiction.
Get back to what is real and normal for crying out loud.
Who took off Lassie? Rin Tin Tin? Benj? Ole Yeller?
Did the Littlest Hobo get lost? And Big Red?
I demand you contact Unsolved Mysteries!!
Scotland Yard, the FBI, CIA, call in the Mounties!
The nerve of them! Who dognapped Shaggy Dog?
Don’t tell me All Dogs Go To Heaven!
A hundred and one Dalmatians, do you see any?
Lady and the Tramp … aww the romance and passion.
Action and adventure…?? Iron Will the dogs that did.
Grey Fox.. one lone dog that gave his all!!!
Okay Cujo was not that great, but he was sick!!
But what about the Fox and the Hound???
Right about now a Scooby Doo rerun would work.
Or Deputy Dawg!! Give me Pluto and Goofy!!
Remember the stars in The Incredible Journey?
What about Turner and Hooch, top billing there!
Don’t tell me there are no quality shows left!!
What happened to Beethoven??
K-9 with Jerry Lee, a beauty of a Shepherd.
Phooey alright.. Hong Kong Phooey.
Well there are still the commercials.. Kibbles N’Bits.
Dr. Ballard’s, Pedigree Pal, and Milk Bone will do.
Give me four legged wonders… heroes all can admire.
Short hair, long hair.. hairless, soft coated or wire hair.
Oprah, you are off the hook, see you talk about dogs.
But Sally let talk seriously about fleas and heartworm.
The weatherman talks about sun dogs, and dog days.
There are hot dogs, and dogs in a blanket.
Let’s face it, dogs are very important!!!!
So I protest! More dog content on television!
Write the Networks.. your local government officials.
Dogs stand up for your rights and hide the remotes.
Leave no bone unburied.. join together!!
Bark, Woof and Howl your support!!


Cheryl C. Helynck
Whiteshadow Kennels, 1998


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